We promise to only offer advice we would follow ourselves if we were in your situation!


Professional website design for small business with at an affordable price and helpful advice!


We customise your website to look and function exactly the way that you want it to.


You receive a clean-coded website that is visually appealing, functional and mobile-responsive.


We charge reasonable rates. Moreover, by listening carefully to your needs, we avoid unnecessary extras and costs.

Forbes magazine explains several reasons why small businesses need a website. These include:

Obtaining more enquiries (leads) than you get without a website

Increasing your credibility with potential clients and customers

Building a powerful brand that leads to sales over time

Your website being a base for various forms of digital marketing

Schedule an initial $60 video consultation to discuss your website design needs and what we can achieve within your budget. If, after the consultation, you decide to ahead the $60 is deducted from your final bill.

What Do You Get in a WEBSmall website?

The full answer depends upon what you need. However, there are some standard inclusions, followed by some examples of what else you may want to include.

Standard Inclusions: $990

Expert and friendly advice, but with you in charge of what you want

World’s most popular content-management system (WordPress) – see Why WordPress?

Consistent header, footer, and navigation bar across all pages on your site

Email addresses associated with your domain name

Homepage, 1-3 services pages, an about page, and a contact form

Well-coded and optimised with best practices in website design, which helps your ranking in Google

Site security1 to reduce your risk of being hacked

Sample Optional Extras

Logo Design

Google Site Ownership Verification

Social media integration

Blog article section

Top bar call to action

FAQ sections

Online course offerings

Web push notifications

Membership sections

Social media integration

Google Analytics integration

Enhanced site security2

Appointment scheduling

Email marketing integration

Advanced form functionality

Selling digital downloads

Google Maps integration

Pricing tables

Why WordPress?

Most websites today use a content management system (CMS) because it allows for more functionality and is cheaper to maintain. WordPress:

Is the world’s most popular CMS, with 62% of the market share

28+ million websites use WordPress as their content management system

Offers small businesses like yours advanced functionality otherwise only available to large enterprises

Makes maintaining and altering your website both easier and less expensive

For more, see Shaun’s article Why WordPress?


Before and during the website design process you need to think about a few things. It will help you get the most out of your website, while also saving money, we recommend you start to think about these 5 things before we start the website design process

1. Purpose

What do you want your website to achieve for you? What problems or goals will it help you address?

2. Getting Found

How will prospective clients find your site? Your answer has implications for what your site needs.

3. Your Brand

What image do you want to portray? Who is your target audience? Your answer to these questions will affect colour choices, design elements and even font choices.

4. Content

Think about what pages you need and what you want on each page. When doing, think about what you want visitors to do on your site and also what visitors will want from it.

5. Ease of Navigation

Keeping in mind your thoughts from step 4, structure your site into a basic hierarchy. Then, think about how best to structure your navigation menu bar.

For more, download Shaun’s Checklist of X Essential Things to Think About so Your Website Makes You Money


We specialise in website design for Australian small businesses. Yet, every small business has unique needs and we want to build you a website that:

Looks great

Achieves what you want it to

To achieve this, we need to understand your likes and your business needs. And, the best way to do this is via a face-to-face (virtual) consultation.

What to expect with the process of building your website

The Initial Video Consultation

The initial video consultation helps us understand you, your business and what you want from your website. We can then make recommendations that balance your needs and your budget. The initial consultation costs $60AU. If you proceed, the $60 is deducted from your quote.

A Wireframe of Your Site Structure

The next step in the website design process involves constructing a wireframe of the pages you want on your site and how they fit into the hierarchy of the whole site. The wireframe also shows the essential structure of each page. You check the wireframe before we proceed.

Style Confirmation

Next, you need to select 1 or 2 fonts from Google Fonts for your body paragraphs and various sized headings. You also need to let us know your key colours. We recommend 1-3 colours as well as black and white. The Adobe Colour Tool may help you.

Content Build

Generally, you supply us with the text and basic formats you want for each piece of text (e.g. a grid or a bulleted list). You can supply your logo, photos and other graphics you would like. We can source stock photos and design your logo if needed. We then use this content to fill out your website. Text content in Word or Google docs formats is fine.


The 5th step in the website design process involves styling the content you supplied in step 4 using the choices you made in step 3. We also add some decorative design elements. We show you what it looks like, you give us feedback, and we make adjustments. A standard quote includes 3 rounds of adjustments.

Optimisation & Testing

The final step in the website design process involves testing all site functionality (e.g. links, forms, email). We also test how the site looks on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, as well as testing website speed. You can also test some of these yourself. Based on these tests, we fix errors and optimise the site for speed. We also set up email at this stage.

Site Launch

So far, your site is hosted as a staging site. For example, if your domain was smallbusiness.com your staging site would be staging.smallbusiness.com – staging allows for production and testing in a secure environment during the website design process. But at this stage, we transfer your site to your registered domain, and your website goes live.

Additional Services

Once your site is live, we connect it to additional services. As standard, this includes:

Google Site Ownership verification

Google Analytics integration

1 Standard site security includes: HTTPS certificate, automatic updates, password protection, unique login URL, malware scanning, brute force protection, web application firewall, and a 14-day backup service

2 Advanced site security options include: All standard inclusions with the addition of locking down file permissions, using methods that don’t affect site speed, unlimited back-up service and paid security plugins.